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17 - 19 April 2018

phi – Your personal health fellow

The mobile solution for patients to interact with healthcare providers.

Bridges the gap between mobile health apps and eHealth infrastructures.

Patient-centered, standard-based, data privacy compliant and secure.

phi is currently in beta phase and will be available for Apple iOS and Google Android by spring 2018.

Your data at a glance

Gain unified access to your medical documents provided via IHE-based healthcare and research networks.

Transfer your paper-based medical documents by a scan process to your personal electronic health record.

Participation and informational self-determination.

Medication always at your fingertips

Pass your paper-based medication plan by DataMatrix scan to the mobile world. (Applies only for the German „Bundeseinheitlicher Medikationsplan“)

Inform yourself about specific drugs.

Reminder according to dosage regimen.

Keep your health network controlled

Manage your web of health apps, health networks, healthcare providers, family members, friends and authorised representatives.

Assign detailled access rights to your health data. Monitor health data retrieval.

Patient-controlled consent management.

Report your collected health data

Provide health data (e.g. blood glucose, blood pressure) collected via your mobile device to physicians and other healthcare providers.

Transfer of your data to existing eHealth infrastructures by IHE-compliant connectors.

Integration of Apple HealthKit, Google Fit and other health apps.

phi – The Philosophy

phi, the personal health fellow and hub, fosters the citizen-centered, standard-based, and EU data privacy and security compliant linkage of mobile health apps with existing eHealth infrastructures.

phi enables citizens to become involved in treatment processes on a par with healthcare providers. Furthermore, phi ensures the citizens‘ right to informational self-determination.

Healthcare providers can benefit from phi by an increasing customer loyalty, process improvement and better services.

phi offers health app providers leightweight integration into existing eHealth infrastructures.

phi – The Ecosystem

phi Platform and Mobile Interoperability Interfaces enable linkage of mobile health apps with IHE-based electronic health record infrastructures.

App integration based upon a broad range of REST-based HL7 FHIR interfaces combined with an OAuth-based authorization mechanism.

Basic services include IHE connectors enabling connectivity to multiple IHE infrastructures as well as consent management for detailled, patient-controlled granting of access rights to health data.

Your link to digital health

phellow seven empowers patients to actively shape their medical care and aftercare processes by digital products and services.

A personal health platform and mobile health apps foster communication and health information exchange between patient, physician, hospital and further healthcare providers.

Internationally recognized standards (IHE and HL7 FHIR) guarantee connectivity to existing eHealth infrastructures.


Dr. Oliver Heinze

Strategy & Business Development

Gerd Schneider

Finance & Technology

Konstantin Kinzel

Frontend Development

Nicolas Weiß

Platform Development

Dr. med. Oliver Eidel

Medical Advisor

Maurice Fahn

User Experience

Jacqueline Franßen

Market Research

Lisa Krebs

Quality Management

Prof. Dr. med. Björn Bergh

Scientific Advisor

Frank Müller

Business Coach
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